Grade 6 Book Trailer Videos

Sixth graders in Mrs. Vickery's language arts classes read self-selected books during the months of November and December.  Students then picked a book they liked and wanted to recommend to other students.  Working with this text, sixth graders wrote and created a book trailer using WeVideo, which lets students use images, text, and music to create a unified video. The idea behind the trailers was to provide enough information about a book to encourage others to read it. After viewing all the students' book trailers, sixth graders were able to anonymously vote for their favorites.  The top ten videos selected by our sixth graders are presented here on our web site.  I hope some of our viewers are inspired to check out these great reads!

Abby B. - Counting by 7s

Courtney B. - The Center of Everything

Jacki D. - The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls

Jazzmyne D. - The Apothecary

Joey B. - Grounded

Johnny B. - Flush

Kaden R. - The Great Trouble

Ryleigh C. - One for the Murphys

Tessa B. - When You Reach Me

Zac E. - Zebra Forest